Lipp Adrienn: Diana nyeregben



 M2 Petőfi TV: Adrienn Lipp, the hunter



A "Háttérben" visited Úrkút, where Lipp Adrienn lives with his family. The former beauty queen familiarized herself with her husband, and now she is one of the best-known female hunters, and vice president of the International Section of the International Safari Club. A movie about his life has also been produced with the title "Dangerous Adventure", which has just been shown in Las Vegas.



American filmshooting in Hungary in Hunter Villa with J Alain Smith. Click image to read the full article!



Hunters Kitchen in Hunter Villa



Hunting Fever in Hunter Villa



Rugged Expeditions



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Film shooting with the weatherby award winner J Alain Smith in Hungary
American film shooting in Hungary. Adrienn Lipp as hungarian countess in the fictional novel of J Alain Smith.

Brochure of HunterVilla

Hunter Villa in newspaper
Cikk olvasása az portálon

Hubert Geza Wells, the world-famous animal coordinator in Hunter Villa. TV2 film is here.VADÁLLATOKAT SZELIDÍT HOLLYWOODI FILMEKHEZ A MAGYAR FÉRFI
Fotos are here: Hubert Géza Wells


Fritz Wepper, the star of film Derrick was in Hungary!He was guest of hunter villa.

The hungarian television made with the famous actor  interview in the villa. Derrick társa Magyarországon

Fotos are here: Fritz Wepper