HunterVilla at Úrkút

There is a small village, named ÚRKÚT to be found in one of the most beautiful place of Hungary, not far away from the Lake Balaton, next to the foot of the mountain Kab. We can found a new hunter villa, which was built in 2012 on the edge of the forest in Úrkút.


On this legendary holding lives the Farkas Family who owns 2 sons and 64 different pets and an enormous hunting area. It is an unforgettable experience to ride on a horse through the clean-air forest in Úrkút, which is rich in numerous wild animals.


The hunter villa contains 2 first-class rooms, 2 apartments with gallery, an exclusive heated swimming-pool, a sun terrace, a hunter hall, a trophy room and a gallery coffee room. The villa offers exclusive services for the guests who seek after specialties.


A 4, 5- hectare Wildlife Park belongs to the holding as well, whose fallow deers are permanent guests in the garden of the hunter villa. We can admire the wild animals of the forest from the terrace, while drinking a glass of champagne on the deck chair.



Enjoy the luxury, the rural romance on favorable price!

Yours sincerely: Family Farkas






Tények - The huntress has also attracted attention in America